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Financial Sector Regulation (FSR) - Consumer Protection & Financial Literacy

Complaints Handling

What is a complaint

A complaint refers to a statement or an expression of dissatisfaction/concern by a customer addressed to a financial institution in relation to access or utilization of a financial service or product. Complaints handling is one of the key objectives of consumer protection as it:

  1. ensures that consumers have access to recourse mechanisms in order to timely resolve their complaints;
  2. promotes transparency in the process of handling customer complaints; and
  3. improves service delivery by financial institutions
How to lodge a complaint
  1. Communicate your concern to the financial service provider.
  2. If the issue has not been resolved to your satisfaction, engage the provider for next steps of appeal within the institution’s complaints handling policy and procedure framework.
  3. If still unsatisfied with the resolution of the matter by your financial service provider, contact the Registrar of Financial Institutions as follows:
Hotline: 80 008 444(MTL lines only)
Switchboard: 01 820 299/ 444

Or write to:
The Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy Unit
Reserve Bank of Malawi
10 Hannover Avenue
P. O. Box 565
To follow up on you complain, please use the link below:

Financial Literacy

About Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is recognized as a critical factor in improving the quality of life and enhancing financial inclusion in Malawi. In this regard, the Reserve Bank has spearheaded the development and implementation of financial literacy initiatives aimed at improving knowledge and understanding of financial products and concepts. It is expected that these initiatives will help the public to develop the necessary skills and confidence in financial matters. In addition, to become aware of financial risks and opportunities; thereby make informed decisions on investments.

Financial literacy initiatives are therefore implemented under the following five set priority areas:

  1. providing financial education in educational establishments
  2. delivering financial education via partnerships
  3. providing financial education via the mass media
  4. providing financial education via religious and local leaders; and
  5. developing a series of key financial literacy messages
Financial Literacy Resources
Financial Literacy Reports
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Market Conduct Regulation and Supervision

Market conduct regulation and supervision aims to instil financial consumer trust in the financial system. It also seeks to ensure that financial institutions are fairly treating customers through issuance of market conduct regulation and supervision of financial institutions’ market conduct practices. In this regard, the Registrar of Financial Institutions issued the following directives: